Ben Gutierrez

I’m a software engineer living in Pleasanton, CA. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful children.

Some recent background

I worked at Trulia from 02007 to 02016. I spent some time there moving MySQL databases around, writing an ETL framework for collecting real estate data, and drinking more than was really necessary. It was a great pleasure to join in while it grew from fifty people to a couple thousand, went public, and merged with Zillow.

I joined Fitbit in October of 02016. I worked on device syncing for a little while, then moved to the Insights feature. I also stopped drinking quite so much. We were acquired by Google in 02021 and I’m still learning what that means.

A few organizations that are important to me


If you want to stalk me, I’m on strava, twitter, facebook, good reads, and linkedin.